Wednesday Wrap Up Oct 5

An interesting look at how the maternity care system in hospitals might be changed to reduce the cesarean rate. It’s a very different model, but one hospital in California is doing it.

If you’ve not already seen it, this Reddit post on how one family was charged $40 for skin-to-skin with their baby is somewhat surprising! (But given that the insurance company listed is the one I have my health insurance through, and that company also owns all the hospitals that are in network, maybe the unusual billing isn’t quite so unexpected…)

Some advice for When You’re Afraid of Giving Birth

One of the better explanations I’ve seen on How to Do Perineal Massage – now with illustrations and animated GIFs

It’s sad how quickly some moms have to go back to work. A while back, I assisted a mom who had to go back to work less than a week after giving birth. Not because she needed the money, but because she’d been threatened with losing her job if she didn’t! (Probably not legal, but she wasn’t going to risk it or sue.)

An interview with a mom who has had three unmedicated births in the hospital, includes her advice on how to best prepare for that kind of birth.

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