Wednesday Wrap Up Sept 28


Henci Goer takes a good hard look at the Trends in Maternal Mortality.

I don’t know that I’ve heard much controversy over this, but I agree with Stacie’s answer to the question “Should A Doula Thank a Nurse?” – verbal or written thanks, and praise to superiors, are good things for any professionals you collaborate with. (Not such a fan of gifts and bribes, but that’s maybe a rant for another day.)

An indepth video series on a host of topics surrounding motherhood: This is Birth, with Lisa Ling Covers cesareans, midwifery, discrimination, surrogacy and egg freezing.

And some thoughts from a friend of mine as she watched Lisa Ling’s series: Passion and Privilege in My Profession

I am a childbirth educator, so of course I agree with this: Why a Good Birth Class is SO Worth the Time and Money

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