Wednesday Wrap Up September 7

WednesdayWrapUpBreastfeedingA great read if you’re planning a VBAC: 10 Steps to Finding a Truly Supportive Provider

A look at the ethics of consent in birth, through the lens of the ethics of consent in regards to religion: What we can learn from Jehovah’s Witnesses about Obsterical Violence and Autonomy in Pregnancy My favorite line: “If the pregnant woman doesn’t want the c-section she doesn’t get it. This is because women are sentient beings, not baby making vessels.”

I’m still looking around and exploring, but I love the new look over at Childbirth Connection!

There’s still so much to learn about breast milk and how it works. The New Yorker takes a look at Breastfeeding the Microbiome

Lots of IV fluid in labor could be inflating birth weights, making the loss of that excess fluid after birth look like insufficient breastfeeding. A new look at an approach that might be more helpful: Newborn Weight Loss and IV Fluids in Labor

A little bit of historical perspective. Twilight Sleep – the Brutal Way Some Women Gave Birth in the 1900s

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