Wednesday Wrap Up August 24

WednesdayWrapUpTI hope and pray she’s wrong, but I fear she might be right: Why the Malesta Verdict Will Not Improve Obstetrics

If you’re a doula, and feeling like your local hospitals are not doula friendly, and you’d like to open up a dialog with hospital administration, Amy Gilliland has some great steps and success stories for you.

These made me laugh: 21 Too-Real Cartoons that Capture the Highs and Lows of Breastfeeding

The idea of what you’d really say vs what you WISH you could say to people made this article on 21 Things People Feel Fine Saying to New Moms and How To Respond all too real…

Funny, but a *little* too close to what some employers expect of new moms, and the sad financial reality for many women: How to Catch a Baby at Work

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