Wednesday Wrap Up August 17


Th US is the only country where the rate of maternal deaths is increasing instead of decreasing. One way to help change that is to look more closely at the deaths that do happen and seek for ways to prevent deaths. But not all states do that. Learn more about Maternal Mortality Review Boards and how they could help.

Arbitrary time limits are not a great idea for labor, and even though this article uses the “allow” word that annoys me so much, it does have good information about limits on the length of second stage.

I don’t know that asking women at risk of preterm labor to wear a bluetooth device in their vagina that sends electrical current through the cervix and flashes light as well is a great idea. I find it really….creepy.

A bit heavy handed on formula, but an interesting look at the history of formula, illustrated with historical ads for baby formula.

I’m a little surprised – and at the same time not that surprised – that there is even a controversy about whether or not children should attend births.

I actually like seeing celebrities (who are simultaneously under the most pressure and the biggest scrutiny about their bodies) speaking out against the pressure to “bounce back” after having a baby.

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