Wednesday Wrap Up July 27

WednesdayWrapUpQIt’s true! Birth Without An Epidural isn’t Superhuman! Laboring moms are human, too.

A fascinating look at some emerging research at how breastmilk influences a baby’s microbiome. It’s way too soon to make much practical use of the info, but it’s interesting to learn more about the things that are coming to light.

Well, in my experience lots of midwives WILL tell you such things, and many of them are true for doulas as well. 21 Secrets Midwives Will Never Tell You

I’ve seen it in my family, in my friends, and in my clients. It’s real, but not often talked about. And many women don’t know they can seek help or that it isn’t normal, because they don’t feel sad. Why Aren’t We Talking About Postpartum Anxiety?

I’ve never had four births in four days (thank goodness, it sounds exhausting!) but I have had four in a week and that was busy enough. I loved the short summaries and the variety of birth experiences.

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