Wednesday Wrap Up July 20

WednesdayWrapUpJA sweet animated video on the life of a midwife, created by the daughter of a midwife. Mother of Many

If you’re tired of all the mom groups with their meddling medical advice, you might get a chuckle at this Ten Little Monkeys parody.

Another PokemonGo connection to birth. This time it was a dad catching a Pokemon in his wife’s hospital room while waiting for their cesarean birth.

There’s a New Birth By the Numbers video out – this time on the trends in home birth. Learn more in this interview with Christina Gebel, a member of the team who created the video.

Interesting look at pregnancy and the work place: Working While Pregnant is Awful

This upcoming blog and movie look interesting, I’ll be reading the blog and maybe seeing the movie. In Utero

And for more self-depricating humor….Amy Schumer discusses trends in natural birth.

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