Wednesday Wrap Up July 13

WednesdayWrapUpR An interesting read – also addresses why and how often parents share their birth stories. Why so many women love being in labor

You can find birth analogies everywhere. I’ve never played the game, but it doesn’t surprise me that there are ways that PokemonGO and doulas are similar.

A very honest graphic and fact sheet on VBAC and the pitfalls women face when planning for a VBAC.

This article highlights some of the challenges of childbirth education, and I agree that the focus of classes should be on skills and techniques, with a variety of options, rather than just “what to expect” or the benefits of natural birth. I’d love to learn more about this curriculum. Childbirth Program Cuts Rates of Epidural and Cesarean

Oh the irony of this article. She rants about how women are judged and forced to fit one specific mold, and then uses that argument to say that all women should birth the way she chose to birth: with an epidural. I wonder how it is that she can’t see the conflict there…. Just Get the Epidural

And finally, two funny birthy things, because if you can’t laugh at your own profession, you’re missing out on a lot of fun.

This over the top video opens with a mom wearing a hospital gown at her home birth, and only gets more ridiculous when the MidBros show up to fill in for her midwife.

And in a turn the tables parody, Hippie Dolphin has Natural Air Birth

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