Wednesday Wrap Up June 15

WednesdayWrapUpQBig day for me and my family, as we are closing on our new home today! Been so busy packing I almost forgot to publish the Wednesday Wrap Up.

Nice little collection of 11 TED Talks for Pregnancy and Birth

If you ever had any doubt that the Similac “Mother ‘Hood” video was a commercial, take a look at this interview with the creator, on the occasion of his winning an award for it’s effectiveness in increasing formula sales.

The US National Vital Statistics has released some preliminary 2015 birth data – and there are some interesting trends. Science and Sensibility takes a look at these trends.

I’d never seen these carved ivory anatomical models of pregnant women before, and found this article on their use and history very interesting.

I was just discussing this with a fellow educator and was thinking I might make a blog post on it when I read this article: 6 is the new 4 – on the changes to the definitions of the stages of labor that happened a couple years back. My approach is a little different than the educators in the article – and I probably will blog about it once things settle down.

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