Wednesday Wrap Up May 18

WednesdayWrapUpBInterested in VBAC? There’s a free webinar tomorrow with Jen Kamel What’s the Real Deal with Vaginal Birth After Cesarean?

An interesting look at the western taboo of being a “human pacifier”

It’s unfortunate that this needs to be clarified, but I see this misconception quite often: Hospital Policy, not the same as road rules

We have a problem in the popular media and how it portrays pregnant women. This gallery shows the wide range of what full term pregnancy can look like in real life.

It’s a hard read, but it can give perspective on what it can be like for women to breastfeed as a sexual assault survivor.

Some perspective on women in medicine, and how they need doulas, too!

I like the idea of these 9 instinctive stages of newborns right after birth, but I am not so sure they are linear stages. Just 9 normal behaviors.

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