Wednesday Wrap Up May 11

WednesdayWrapUpTLamaze has a cute new video out highlighting the benefits of Lamaze classes and the resources available to parents through Lamaze.

I know this article on Coercing with Kindness definitely brought a few specific providers to mind for me. This is a real issue I see often when clients are working with those providers, and it can be hard for them to see what’s coming.

Are lactation cookies, gatorade and fenugreek (oh my!) all they are cracked up to be as far as helping with milk supply?

The article racing around social media this week is that Swaddling May Increase Chances of SIDS. But before you panic, read the original study and this article about how there is more to it than scary headlines.

A nice write up on the value of midwives to women’s health globally, in honor of the International Day of the Midwife.