Wednesday Wrap Up May 4

It’s National Doula Month! If you want to celebrate, you can read more about how the profession of a doula has evolved over the years, see amazing images of doulas (and midwives) in action, follow Stacie Bingham’s series of guest posts every day for the whole month, or find and hire a doula for yourself!

I loved these tips from one of my favorite local doulas on Birthing With Awareness in the OR.

It’s a hard read, but a necessary read for anyone who is a doula working with moms who might experience trauma.

After a rash of local doulas getting caught up in scams, I wrote a series of posts for doulas on how to avoid getting scammed:
The “Help! I’m in Labor” chat
The “I’m moving to your area, will you help me get everything arranged?” scam
The “Exclusive Listing” trick

This site is full of great info on parent and infant sleep. There’s some data and analysis from the Survey of Mothers’ Sleep and Fatigue, a parent handout on safe sleep with your baby, and links to other information on safe sleep.

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