Wednesday Wrap Up April 6

WednesdayWrapUpBreastfeedingI love hearing the story of Seth Meyers and his wife having their son (on my birthday!), but kinda wish he hadn’t had to go back to work so soon after the baby.

I see so very many questions about the mucous plug. This article (which contains pictures, so heads up on that) addresses everything you need to know about the mucous plug – and then some!

I’ll be at the Perinatal Professionals Conference right here in Utah next week – will you be there to hear from Penny Simkin and Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, too? Registration closes tomorrow, so act fast!

It’s Cesarean Awareness Month. Did you know these 10 Truths About Cesareans?

Why newborns hate being put down, and some things you can do to help them during the Fourth Trimester.

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