Wednesday Wrap Up March 30

Web links for birthdayWell, I’m a year older now, time to trot out the WWU header that has my baby photo in it again…

The Problem with Hollywood’s Portrayal of Pregnant Women It’s absurd sometimes, and not realistic for many women!

A birth story – one with lots of twists and turns and complications – from the point of view of a dad struggling to comprehend his new role and his daughter’s complicated medical needs.

One of my favorite sites, Evidence Based Birth, has done it again, this time with a new review of the literature on advanced maternal age. You can read more about the topic in an interview with Rebecca Dekker, the author of the piece, over on Science and Sensibility.

Not sure how I feel about this article overall. Some things resonated with me, others definitely not. But I’ll just recommend it as thought provoking: Confessions of a Radical Doula

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