Wednesday Wrap Up March 23

WednesdayWrapUpCLoved this article on Being A Good Girl in Labor. Laboring moms get to do whatever works for them! There’s nothing better about being quiet and still. If loud and moving works, DO IT.

It’s true: Some babies are just easier than others. And parents can’t always take credit – or blame.

I like this Open Letter to the Pregnant Ladies Who Have Watched Their Due Date Come and Go

Once again, it’s World Doula Week! If you know and love a doula, say thank you! A text or email, a card, a positive review, a photo of your growing baby – all simple ways to celebrate.

Some great tips for writing your birth story. I firmly believe that parents should write their baby’s birth story. Even if they got notes from their doula – the story from a parent’s viewpoint is far more meaningful! Stay tuned to the Wednesday Wrap Up because I happen to know a local birth story writing workshop is coming up!

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