Wednesday Wrap Up March 16

WednesdayWrapUpOA lovely and heartfelt post about the conflict new moms often feel between wanting to be perfect and struggling with feeling like you’re falling short: When Love Feels Heavy

Amazing step-by-step photos of a vaginal breech birth by fellow birth photographer Karen Loftesness. Up close and personal, these images show quite clearly how a breech baby emerges.

The first 72 hours postpartum are a time when moms and babies need special connected care. Do you have a good postpartum plan in place?

Lots of attention has been focused on depression after delivery – but it is only one time of adjustment that can be a stressful trigger for mood disorders. Weaning and depression can happen together, too.

Well, this is one of the most interesting cervical analogies I’ve ever read….

Nice list of 20 practical things dads (and partners of all kinds!) can do during labor.