Wednesday Wrap Up March 2

WednesdayWrapUpQI love this series of birth images that show the intimacy between a couple while being supported by a whole birth team: What Holding Space Looks Like

It’s not just moms who struggle with traumatic births. Witnessing a traumatic birth can cause problems, too. Meet some men who got PTSD after witnessing their partners have traumatic births. And please know that it isn’t always the birth itself, witnessing someone being treated poorly and feeling helpless to do anything about it can be all it takes.

It’s good to know, even if it is something most people don’t want to think about: Symptoms of Postpartum Psychosis in Plain English

The Zika virus and its potential link to microcephaly has been all over the news. The Lamaze blog Science and Sensibility lives up to it’s name with the first part in a series looking at Relative Risks and Reasonable Responses to the Zika virus. Looking forward to part 2 on Thursday!

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