Wednesday Wrap Up February 17

Wednesday Wrap-Up Graphic - Utah Private Childbirth ClassesI often have new moms ask about the color of their baby’s poop. I appreciated this article by Nancy Mohrbacher Green Poop: When Should You Worry?

This is kind of a pet peeve of mine: Fear Mongering Among New Moms is Profitable – now if someone would write an expose on the “Don’t you love yoru baby enough to buy the most expensive?” trend!

Time for hospital providers to start thinking about VBAC differently! Calling women who plan home birth VBACs stupid misses the point.

6 Signs of Preeclampsia that are commonly overlooked. I frequently see moms with these symptoms told online to just drink more water. Any of these should be checked in with your care provider to see if this is a problem, or if more water will actually solve the problem.

Great list: 100 things I’ve learned in 100 births I kind of wish I had thought to write one myself. Maybe one day I will!

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