Wednesday Wrap Up Feb 10

Wednesday Wrap-Up Graphic - Salt Lake City birth doulaHappy Valentine’s Day to all my readers. May you be surrounded with the people you love.

I really enjoyed this article from Amy Gilliland on marketing your doula practice.

A great example of how bringing a *little* bit of health care TO the people (Instead of building huge expensive western-style hospitals) can have great impact.

A look at public perception of the trend towards maternity wards without well baby nurseries. One thing I found a little disturbing was the way one parent seemed to take for granted that birth would be traumatic.

A great guide to addressing some of the common conflicts of postpartum.

The winners of the 2016 International Association of Professional Birth Photographers competition have been announced. Proud to say two of my friends are among the winners! Congratulations to Morag Hastings of Apple Blossom Families for winning the labor category and to Robin Baker of Birth Blessings Photography for winning the delivery category!

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