Wednesday Wrap Up January 13

WednesdayWrapUpSI love the active emphasis of this article, and her emphasis that planning for an unmedicated birth is not in vain if your choices or circumstances lead you elsewhere.

Well, the commentary is pretty darn awful (no, the pelvis does NOT “break in half” during delivery…) but the tweets of an accidental home birth story are pretty funny.

5 things to do before 20 weeks – a great list. I see so many moms stressed out at the end of pregnancy because they didn’t think about these things until it was too late!

Some of the most creative post titles I’ve seen in a while – three quick little posts about what your vagina ISN’T – and what it can do in pregnancy and birth:
Your Vagina is Not a Crystal Ball
Your Vagina is Not a Vacuum Cleaner
Your Vagina is Not a Steel Pipe

A letter to the first time mom who wants a natural birth.

I’ve known it for years: prenatal estimates of baby’s weight are worthless. Saw a mom induced once at 36 weeks because her baby was “AT LEAST 10 pounds, possibly as high as 13.” Baby was under 5 pounds and spent time in the NICU for prematurity.

A big thank you to all of you who answered my quick survey last week. If you did not, you have one more chance below. Thanks!

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