Wednesday Wrap Up January 6

WednesdayWrapUpBHappy New Year to all my readers! I hope there are great things in store for all of us this year. This marks two years that I’ve been doing the Wednesday Wrap Up. I hope it is a useful and enjoyable thing for you. I’d love to know a little bit more about who my readers are. If you could take a few minutes to answer my quick, three question survey below, I would greatly appreciate it. (If you’re viewing on a feed reader, you may need to click here to see the survey.)

I’ve had lots of women ask me lately about recent headlines linking autism to antidepressants. I really enjoyed this article with it’s rational approach to what we do – and don’t – know about the issue.

Local moms might be interested to learn that great progress is being made towards bringing a nonprofit Human Milk Bank to Utah!

We’ve come a long way, baby. Thankful that these bizarre historical childbirth beliefs are not still in practice.

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