Wednesday Wrap Up December 30

WednesdayWrapUpOAn interesting look at the ebbs and flows of the birth rate and some possible reasons for variations. Why are most babies born in the summer?

I really enjoyed reading this article on postpartum and recovering from birth: What I Learned from Spending 40 Days at Home After Birth

For birth professionals: It really does take a toll to be on call! I have made it a point to schedule some off-call time for myself and my family every year. It’s a big part of my “don’t-burn-out” plan.

Also for birth professionals, as we wrap up the year that means it is time to think about paying taxes on your income. It’s good to keep in mind that many of your expenses can be tax deductible.

If you’re here because you are a new doula in Utah, consider joining me as part of Utah Doulas in Training to make 2016 your year to get your birth business off the ground. Join before 1/9/16 to be entered to win a birth bag!

I actually have a video to share with you today! This is Penny Simkin discussing fluids in labor, both IV fluids and offering drinks to mom in labor.

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