Wednesday Wrap Up December 16

WednesdayWrapUpBreastfeedingThis study on the physical design of birth facilities looks so interesting and I look forward to reading more about the findings.

I’ve never read a definition of postpartum depression as effective as this one.

I also loved these stories of what it feels like to be recovering from postpartum mental illness.

Some new recommendations from ACOG on exercise and activity during pregnancy. What do you think of them?

We need MORE conversation about respectful practice in the childbearing year, but this article is a good read.

Really cool videos showing what a baby’s tongue does during breastfeeding.

The “you can’t control birth” line drives me NUTS. Yes, there are some things out of your control, but there are a lot of things you can control about your birth, and it IS worth planning for your birth and it IS worth doing what you can to have the birth you want!

Five great tips for making your birth business more LGBTQ friendly.

Some great suggestions for having a better birth after a difficult one.

Loved this article on what we (don’t) know about placenta encapsulation. Right now I’m not for it or against it, I’m saying there’s no evidence. I don’t recommend for or against it. Because I can’t honestly say if it is helpful or not.

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