Wednesday Wrap Up December 9

WednesdayWrapUpQMy December home birth photo client has already delivered, darn it. But I’m very inspired by this collection of home birth photos at Christmas.

Here’s a recipe for a very yummy sounding labor shake. I’ve already adding the ingredients I don’t have to my shopping list.

Lamaze International has a new early labor infographic out. A common mistake parents make is moving to the hospital too early in the process. This infographic gives information on why doing early labor at home is beneficial, what they can do during early labor, and how to know when is a good time to make the move.

Just another symptom of culture that does not believe pregnant women are smart enough to make their own decisions during pregnancy. Even brilliant scientists who happen to be pregnant face paternalistic discrimination.

If you’re pregnant and making decisions about your health care plans for next year, you might want to take a look at this scorecard for how well various plans support breastfeeding.

I’ve always suspected labor IVs could be an issue with babies weigh loss after birth. Nice to see someone address it!

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