Wednesday Wrap Up November 18

WednesdayWrapUpTInteresting. The first British surgeon to do a successful cesarean surgery (meaning mom and baby both lived) was actually a woman who lived her whole life disguised as a man. Thankfully women don’t have to go to such great lengths to be care providers these days!

This is a hilarious video – a parody of shut up and dance with me from a dad of young kids. Shut Up and Go to Sleep!

The pregnancy food police is real. And annoying. And needs to stop.

Gender disappointment is real. And perfectly normal. And nothing to feel guilty about, but definitely something to acknowledge and work through.

Some tips on how to save on your hospital bills when you have your baby. One they don’t mention that I really used: ALWAYS ask for an itemized bill and make sure you actually used the things you were billed for. When I had my youngest, we left the hospital within 12 hours of her birth, yet were billed for 48 hours of postpartum care and 48 hours of newborn nursery care. A simple phone call got both of those removed!

Having a baby soon and still stuck on a name? Here are some Autumn related baby names to consider.

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