Wednesday Wrap Up November 11

WednesdayWrapUpSIt’s Veterans Day, and so I thought I’d share a few resources available to military families:

This article looks at maternity leave policies for each of the branches of service, with links to the actual policies when possible.

One mom’s perspective: 10 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Getting Pregnant on Base

A great article on having a baby when your spouse is deployed, including links to many resources.

And for after the baby comes, there is Breastfeeding In Combat Boots to give support to the unique challenges of military life.

And on to stuff that applies to all expecting families:

Questions to ask about changing your due date – For some parents there is a great deal of confusion when the care provider keeps changing the due dates – I’ve even had a couple have their due date changed while they were *in labor*! If your provider suggests a change, make sure you clearly understand the reason and the implications that might have on your care by asking these questions.

Best and Worst States to Have a Baby – ranked by factors like cost, health care, baby friendly communities, etc.

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