Wednesday Wrap Up November 4

Beautiful images of a midwife doing the newborn exam after a home birth. I always love discovering a new photographer with amazing work!

Winter is coming fast, and I remember well being pregnant through winter and the special challenges that came with it. Staying warm in coats that no longer close across your belly, maintaining balance on the ice, and dry skin were particularly hard for me. She doesn’t talk about coats or balance, but she does talk about hydration and dry skin in her 7 Tips for a Winter Pregnancy

And if you’ve already had your baby, and are waiting out the flu season at home on your maternity leave, here are some tips for staying sane at home after having a baby, too.

Did you nickname your baby before birth? I never did, but lots of people do! See if your nickname is one of the 10 most popular fetal nicknames!

A couple of articles on postpartum depression. I loved this one from the perspective of a woman who has made it her life’s work to help women experiencing PPD: 7 Things I Love About Women With Postpartum Depression

And did you know that men can experience Paternal Postpartum Depression? They can, and they get even less support than women experiencing it. The truth is, adding to the family can be difficult for any member of the family, and all members of the family deserve understanding and support if it triggers depression, anxiety or any other mental illness.

And finally, these have got to be about the most creative maternity photos I’ve ever seen!

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