Wednesday Wrap Up Oct 28

WednesdayWrapUpSThe photo sharing site Flickr has put together a lovely gallery of belly paintings. Their favorites are featured in a blog post here.

Choosing your care provider is one of the first things many women do during their pregnancy, and it makes a huge difference. Choose wisely, and use these questions. If at any time during your pregnancy, you find your provider is not a good match, CHANGE.

This is both hilarious and true: If Animals Gave Parenting Advice

If you’ve ever been confused about why you might read differing guidelines on the safe storage of pumped milk, this link explains the differences in breast milk storage guidelines quite well..

Nice opinion piece on the Myth of Women’s Choices in Childbirth – she says ” Until and unless health care systems and insurers are required to provide a full range of options for place of birth and a full range of providers, the majority of U.S. women have no choice but to enter acute care hospitals for childbirth.” and talks about how birth recommendations and policies are designed to serve the system, not the women.

Some things to keep in mind when you are trying to figure out what postpartum might be like.

It’s really too bad this contract doesn’t work all that well…

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