Wednesday Wrap Up October 21

One woman’s changing attitudes about babies and sleep – from “I would never let me baby sleep like that!” to “Parenting is not controlling. Parenting is not creating. Parenting is responding.”

This video is funny, but definitely gives food for thought on how we talk to children.

Some tips on having a baby on a limited budget, from another Salt Lake City area doula.

Balance? What’s that? So many new moms struggle with feeling that they should be better balanced between parenting and other aspects of their lives. I like this analogy a little better: Balance and the Pendulum Rhythm

Some friends of mine are building a mobile maternity care program to help underserved women in our area. If you want to help be a part of the project, learn more: The Briana Project

I do think Kegels have a place in maternity and women’s health care, but it’s not ALL about the Kegels. Here are Five Movement Habits for Pregnancy that are not Kegels