My favorite moment at births

Newborn looking at mom after birth

There are many things I love about births. I love seeing women be strong and powerful. I love seeing the relationships between partners and the way partners step up and provide just what is needed, or say just the right thing at just the right moment. I love the humorous moments – and a time or two the parents and I have had an inside joke by the end of the birth.

But there’s one thing that I see almost every time, and it gets to me every single time. Not unusual for me to have the tears start welling up at that moment. It’s that moment when a parent makes eye contact with their baby for the very first time.

Newborn looking at mom after birth

Often that sweet moment comes soon after birth, when mom is snuggling that baby skin to skin and baby lifts their head up to look at mom eye-to-eye. Often there will be sweet words for the baby “Oh how I love you already!” or “Hi, I’m your mommy and I love you fiercely!” are two from recent memory.

Generally a little while later comes the moment when the other parent gets a chance to hold baby close and stare into their eyes. This sweet little girl even reached up to touch her mama’s cheek!

Newborn touching mama's cheek

I’ve loved and appreciated these moments throughout my entire doula career, but it’s only in the last few years when I’ve been doing birth photography that I’ve been able to capture them and share them with the families I serve. I hope you enjoy this collection.

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