Wednesday Wrap Up October 14

WednesdayWrapUpRA collection of six experts from a variety of fields who oppose the “cry it out” method.

A look at both sides of the discussion on whether or not expectant moms should drink alcohol. But the discussion actually goes much deeper, looking at whether or not women can be trusted to make their own decision based on accurate information.

One mother’s story of a planned water birth that evolved into a cesarean birth. I love how she navigated the experience her way – owning the experience and the decisions she made. It might not have been what she planned, but it was her birth, her way.

A good look at the mother’s experience of being told her baby *might* be too big – and what the consequences of that might be.

How one hospital reduced their cesarean rate by changing the culture of the hospital. And then successfully applied the same concepts to two other hospitals.

Some nice illustrations and explanations of common variations in placentas.

And finally….a fun parody of the Dr. Seuss book “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” – only with breastfeeding One breast, two breasts, left breast, right breast!

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