Wednesday Wrap-Up Sept 30

WednesdayWrapUpBLamaze International continues their series on common fears about labor with this excellent article on Losing Control in Labor.

Did you know that you can recycle your old Medela breast pump? You can, and they will even pay for the shipping.

“But the nurse said my latch looks great!” – I hear it all the time from moms who are in pain. Not only can you not always tell by looking on the outside, but there are more causes of nipple pain than just latch issues. Don’t let someone’s quick look be the end of your search for solutions!

A nice collection of birthing women with their birth attendants.

And in a completely different way, this list of celebrities who love doulas also pictures women – but without those birth attendants.

I rolled my eyes a little at the title, but there is some good birth plan considerations here.

October starts tomorrow, and that means you can start thinking about a clever pregnancy Halloween costume. There are 31 ideas here, 20 ideas here, and 25 here. Plus a whole Pinterest board here.

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