Wednesday Wrap Up Sept 23

WednesdayWrapUpKLoved this list of 6 Ways to Help When Breastfeeding is Hard

Some great tips for planning for postpartum, an often overlooked part of planning for your baby’s arrival.

If you need to be induced, make it the best possible induction.

So many parents think that they want to have it be “just us” for their birth. I remember once being told “Only the ones who were there for conception” were invited to her birth. Unfortunately, hospital birth isn’t all that private. Busting the Myth of Privacy in Hospital Births

Some parents think that if baby cries after breastfeeding, it means they don’t make enough milk. But the reality is that there are many reasons this could be happen. Here are 15 reasons why a baby might cry after breastfeeding

Interesting set of images that exhibit both strong similarities and harsh differences. Giving Birth in Different Worlds

Researchers propose a new word for parenting at night: “Breastsleeping” – what do you think of the term?

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