Wednesday Wrap Up Sept 16

WednesdayWrapUpAAn interesting look at how TV has subliminal influence on women’s perception of pregnancy and birth, even when they think it doesn’t.

No, a fetal monitor on your Apple watch or smartphone is not going to give you a healthier baby. Here’s why.

It’s true, every person’s path through the birth process is different and very personal. Every parent’s choices and path should be respected! Don’t Judge my Uterus

An interesting perspective on how providers can support women’s instinctive pushing behavior during birth. I’d love to see more research on what women do when they are not told what to do!

What a huge surprise for this mom in labor!

10 Amazing Placenta Facts

I’m off to the Lamaze and ICEA conference tomorrow. I’ll be a wee bit sad to leave my family at home, but very excited for the conference!

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