Wednesday Wrap Up Sept 2

Web links on pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and parentingDid I just type that? Is it really September already?

Breast milk is pretty cool stuff!

We have a few local male midwives. And they are great. Makes me sad when people refuse to use them because they are men! Loved this spotlight of a male midwife in San Francisco.

Mexico has banned formula samples in hospitals. These free samples have been shown to reduce breastfeeding rates (which is *exactly* what they are intended to do – create customers for the formula companies) even among women who want to breastfeed. There’s a movement to do the same in the US. If only good breastfeeding advice was as prevalent as free formula, so many more mothers who plan to breastfeed would be successful!

There’s an unfortunate trend (spurred by one particular group) to use controversy as a marketing tactic. And I hate it. So I appreciated this post On Controversy, One Right Way and Respect.

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