Wednesday Wrap Up August 26

WednesdayWrapUpODoulas, please read this. Especially read, ponder and contemplate the last few paragraphs. Showing Up

It’s Black Breastfeeding Week! Since I’m not a fan of racial disparities, I’m all for a week celebrating black women breastfeeding, supporting those who do, highlighting unique challenges, searching for solutions, and advocating for change to improve black women’s access to breastfeeding help. Here are some links to learn more:

Why We Need Black Breastfeeding Week
This year’s theme: Lift Every Baby

An interview with BBW co-founder Anayah Sangodele-Ayoka .

Making dads a part of the solution is one goal of the African American Breastfeeding Network

It’s good to see the medical profession openly talking about bad behavior in the ranks. It happens more often than I think most people realize, I’ve witnessed it myself on a few occasions.

Excellent article on what it really means to have your baby “use you as a pacifier” from Nancy Mohrbacher.

Today’s video is a short documentary from the African American Breastfeeding Project:

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