Wednesday Wrap Up August 19

WednesdayWrapUpKIt’s the first day of school around here, and I’m looking forward to long stretches of time to FOCUS. I’ll be reevaluating pricing, selling some things I don’t use often, cleaning out my office, and I may even revamp my website in the coming months!

An interesting look at the effectiveness of fetal monitoring. Despite the research showing it is useless, I’d be surprised if it ever stopped being used. Largely because parents seem to want it and lawyers use it as evidence in either prosecuting or defending lawsuits.

And for Exhibit A – a new product using a fear based approach to sell MORE monitoring of the baby throughout pregnancy. The PregSense Monitor

Funny first person account of being past the due date and trying to make the baby come: Almost 42 weeks and I had one thought: This Baby is Coming Out Today!

One woman’s struggle with doctors who were very unsupportive of her desire and determination to breastfeed – even through medical difficulties. My Baby’s Doctor Asked Me Why I was Hell-Bent on Breastfeeding

Cool anatomy and physiology explaining Why the Cervix is More Amazing than You Thought

Still struggling to find good videos to share. Got a good one? Post it in the comments!

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