Wednesday Wrap Up July 29

WednesdayWrapUpJThe blog Lucky Twenty Eight as a good series on preparing yourself for an unmedicated birth:
Part 1: Preparing Your Mind
Part 2: Preparing your Body (I’d add generally good nutrition and good sleep to the list, though.)
Part 3: Strategies for Labor

Now as a little bit of shameless cross promotion, I have a new birth and a new lifestyle newborn session up on my photography site.

Placenta Encapsulation is all the rage right now, but what if you don’t want to eat your placenta, but don’t want to just throw it away, either? Here are 5 ideas.

A look at what happens when your doula goes on call. In my household, it is more unusual for me to NOT be on call, so we are doing these things all the time! After 16 years, it’s just a way of life for us.

Today I’m posting the sixth (and last!) video on the Lamaze Care Practices. Keep Your Baby With You:

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