Wednesday Wrap Up July 22

Web links on pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and parentingA fascinating story about how one doctor funded his pioneering research into caring for premature babies.

Another historical article, this one looking back at the arguments made in favor of Twilight Sleep for birth. Many birth professionals are unaware that early pushes for twilight sleep were from the female activists of the time – the very same suffragists who pushed for the right to vote also pushed for women to be able to choose pain relief in labor. We often think of Twilight Sleep as a way of the men taking women’s power, but it did not start that way.

You probably saw the video of the baby born in a car on the road in Texas last week. Here’s a follow up interview with the couple that fills in the story a little more.

Since I am also a photographer, I am drawn to projects that use photography to communicate about birth. This project about women who have experienced traumatic birth is both beautiful and heartbreaking: Exposing the Silence

List of 6 ways that labor could be slowed. Sometimes it’s not “Failure to Progress” so much as it is “Doing something to prolong labor” (or “Failure to see the bigger picture” which is a whole other issue…)

No video this week, but if you have one to nominate for next week, please link in the comments!

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