Wednesday Wrap Up July 8

Web Links on Pregnancy, Childbirth, Postpartum and BreastfeedingAdventures of a Labor Nurse makes some great points about prenatal appointments, particularly about asking good questions to find out if your midwife or doctor is supportive of the way you’d like to birth. While you *can* change providers late in the game, the earlier you find a match the better!

Enjoyed this interview with a physician who does home births. Read all the way to the last question, I loved his analogy!

I’ve said it before. Everyone has a birth plan! They may not have a *document* but the document is not the same as a plan. Here’s one mom’s birth plan for a scheduled cesarean. This mom feels that “by creating a straight-forward birth plan, it has helped to cut down on some of the logistical-related anxiety of the day.” – and what mom couldn’t use that on the day she births her baby?

Lately I’ve seen some beautiful henna designs on pregnant bellies! You can learn more about henna in this interview with an artist, and see a Pinterest board full of pretty designs here. I particularly love the designs that incorporate personal meaning into them. The mom who hired me for her maternity session after her henna work asked to have a bird worked into the design. Can you spot it? Her design was done by Melinda at Mountain Mehndi

Today’s video is a short time lapse of an elaborate henna design on a pregnant belly:

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