Wednesday Wrap Up July 1

WednesdayWrapUpOAn interesting essay by a physician who chose a home birth after two hospital births. She discusses her decision making process, back up plans, and the reactions of her colleagues.

One interpretation of what it means to “hold the space” as a birth professional. I’ve never quite been able to articulate what that means to me personally, but this comes pretty close.

This has a bit of a UK focus, but the information on preparing to breastfeed is so very valuable! When you are Pregnant, there are More Useful Things to do Than Flipping Through a Catalogue

Well, this is quite the birth story! “I think mommy just started a forest fire!”

There are lots of lists of questions to ask your doula, but here’s a twist: What NOT to ask your doula. I don’t agree with #4 – I think it’s fine to ask about experience and many parents do value that. But I agree with the others!

Lots of good information on Labor Induction here. Don’t skip the links for further reading!

Today’s video is a discussion on the things the cervix does during labor – it’s not ALL about dilation!

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