Wednesday Wrap Up June 24

Weekly Pregnancy and Birth LinksI can relate to this on a personal level. An old doula in today’s world I was a young doula at first, for many of my births in the early years, I was close in age to the laboring mom. Now I’m more often mistaken for the baby’s grandma! And despite the naysayers who seem to think I should retire, I think there is room in the doula world for older doulas. Particularly experienced ones like me.

One source of tension in the birth workers community is that sometimes midwives don’t recommend – or even discourage – their clients from hiring doulas, while doulas are recommending those same midwives time and time again. I’ve had issues with it myself (nothing like recommending a potential client to a midwife and having that midwife talk her out of hiring you. Grrrr…) Amy Gilliland takes a look at when midwives don’t recommend doulas.

A useful list of things that midwives, doctors, nurses and doulas should know about working with a mom who is deaf during the childbearing year. Having worked with a few parents who were deaf or hearing impaired, these are spot on and should be taken seriously. I have been unpleasantly surprised at how difficult it has been for my deaf clients to get what they need.

Today’s video is all about hospital water birth. I’d love to see water births more available in the hospitals in my area. Only one of the eleven hospitals I work in offers it, and even that is a study that won’t last forever.

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