Wednesday Wrap Up June 17

WednesdayWrapUpPetroglyphIs it Wednesday again already? Last week I was on a vacation in Moab, Utah where I took the picture featured in the Wednesday Wrap Up graphic on the left. It’s an ancient petroglyph depicting a breech birth! If you’d like to see it for yourself, you can find directions here.

A fun comic that illustrates the sad but true fact that new moms are often ignored after they go through the birth process. Huge kudos to this dad for recognizing it and drawing attention to it!

World Breastfeeding Week is coming up August 1-7 this year. The theme is “Let’s Make it Work!” with an emphasis on breastfeeding and the work place. If you’re interested in creating an event to support the cause, you can find materials to help you out on the WBW website.

Ten Things your Labor Nurses Wishes You Knew. As a birth photographer, I particularly liked #6, but 7 and 8 are also really good.

An interesting look at the statistics and processes involved in calculating the US Maternal Mortality rate. Has Maternity Mortality Rate Really Doubled in the US?

Today’s video is more representations of ancient birth. Interesting that the petroglyph I saw has none of the characteristics described in the video:

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