Wednesday Wrap Up June 3

WednesdayWrapUpJAn interesting look at something that doctors could do to be sued less often. Hint: It isn’t running more tests, standardizing care, or requiring patients to sign waivers.

The Cook Cervical Ripening Balloon is not commonly used around here, but I know other areas of the country use it much more frequently. This site has a good photo and diagram explaining what it is and how it might be helpful.

An interesting excerpt from the book Inventing Baby Food, on how marketing and the rise of modernism led to the early adoption of solid foods.

A compilation of affirmations for birth workers – the result of the brainstorming of Utah area professionals. I see she left off the snarky fake ones I contributed…but I’m ok with that.

Seven benefits to an undisturbed hour after birth. Moms and babies need to be together.

Today’s video is from Laura at Crowned Photography in Seattle. Love that this home birth actually does involve dad boiling water, just like the sterotype!

The birth of Milo | Crowned Birth Photography from crownedbirthphotography on Vimeo.

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