Wednesday Wrap Up May 27

WednesdayWrapUpNOn a personal note, this morning I say goodbye to my oldest daughter as she goes off to work at Yellowstone for the summer. If any of my readers happen to pass through the Old Faithful gift shops this summer, look for a petite redhead named Kyra and tell her that her mom loves her.

Postpartum Anxiety is real. I have seen it in my own family, I’ve seen it in clients, I’ve seen it in friends and neighbors. And nearly every time, the new mom thinks that since she’s not sad or depressed, her mental health is fine. It was not fine when one mom close to me was too scared to walk while carrying her baby. Or when another went several days without sleeping because of intrusive worries. Here are 8 signs of postpartum anxiety. It’s not normal, and you can overcome it with help. So get help if you need it!

12 Phrases Said to Birthing Women That Steal Power – I really liked this article because it wasn’t just complaining. The author had real suggestions for how pregnant and laboring moms can change the conversation and empower themselves.

I loved this labor and delivery nurse’s list of what makes birth with a doula so different.

An excellent post for parents experiencing a loss as well as for those serving them. As a photographer for Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, I concur with everything she says.

A local group for pregnant and newly postpartum moms collaborated this week on a huge list of affirmations for a positive body image. Some are specific to pregnancy and birth, some are not. But it is a great list and there is a printable version, too.

Today’s video is a beautiful home birth story from Jaydene Freund of Cradled Creations in British Columbia.

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