Wednesday Wrap Up May 20

WednesdayWrapUpOA very honest description of what postpartum depression can look like – and what it can cost you.

A labor and delivery nurse lists the nine things that she believes need to change in the way we care for moms and babies.

Sadly, another pioneering woman in the birth world has passed away. Elisabeth Bing did quite a bit for childbearing women in her 100 years of life! You can read some lovely personal recollections of Elisabeth over on Science and Sensibility.

My friend Carolyn has a new line of baby wear with a variety of birth related slogans. “Loved by a doula” and “Mom ate my placenta” are two of my favorites! Little Advocate carries baby one piece t-shirts. (Not “Onesies” since Gerber won’t let anyone else use the term…)

An interesting look at how the sound bites hospitals use to market maternity care services may not be the best idea. I actually find it somewhat disturbing that the author believe that the marketing message of customized healthcare undermined the care of a friend of his. But the conflict between what is advertised and what is delivered is highlighted pretty clearly in the article.

Today’s video is a beautiful cesarean birth story by Earth Mama Photography in Dallas Texas. I love when the dad is holding his son in the OR and makes a big eyed face at him.

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