Weekly Wrap Up April 30

Wednsday Wrap Up Graphic - Utah birth doulaFor the first time since I started this tradition, the Wednesday Wrap Up failed to post on Wednesday! Unfortunately when I realized it hadn’t posted, I was out of town helping my daughter move and only had my phone with me, so it’s a day late this week. Enjoy!

If you’re a birth professional (or any business owner) you should be aware of some changes to the way Google ranks web sites. Your site needs to be mobile friendly in order to rank well. In this article, Sharon Muza tells you how to find out if your site is mobile friendly, and what you can do about it if it is not.

An interesting, and personal, interview with James McKenna on cosleeping.

A long time birth professional reflects on how it gets personal when she learns that her first grandbaby is on the way. A new day aborning for childbirth

Debunking the five myths about doulas I wouldn’t say these are the only myths about doulas, but they are common ones.

For the placenta fans out there, an interesting photo of a triplet placenta.

This woman has some free coloring pages of birth affirmations.

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