Wednesday Wrap Up April 8

WednesdayWrapUpOOne question I’m often asked is “what will contractions feel like?” – and unfortunately it is one I cannot answer, as every woman has a different experience. But here is how 18 women describe what labor feels like for them

Actress Ashley Williams talks about why she chose a home birth, and questions you should consider if you’re thinking about it, too.

With the growing popularity of birth photography, there are many people out there offering to shoot your birth. Remember this is a once-in-a-lifetime, no do overs event, so make sure you hire someone who can do a good job. Here’s a great article from Amanda McGhee, a professional birth photographer out of Virginia Beach, VA on how to choose a birth photographer.

The topic of paid maternity leave is all the rage right now. Here’s how one small startup could afford to provide paid maternity leave to one of their five employees.

Think doulas are just for moms who are “going natural”? Think again! Doulas are for Every Kind of Birth!

Today’s video is the Lamaze Care Practice #5: Get upright and follow your urge to push. Mother directed pushing is most often the most efficient way to bring your baby into the world.

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