Wednesday Wrap Up April 1

WednesdayWrapUpJIn honor of today’s date, a WWU full of satire and fake news stories. Enjoy!

Woman who can’t even keep her iPhone from cracking expecting baby in August

Woman transitions from being terrified of getting pregnant to being terrified she can’t get pregnant Why must there be so much fear surrounding birth?

One of my favorite “maternity photos”

I’m a little (OK, a lot) creeped out by this if indeed it is real: Fake Pregnant Belly

Lindsay Lohan to give birth to a Neaderthal baby

New Government Program allows couples to rent a baby to help decide if they are ready to be parents.

It’s fun to joke around, but please remember that pregnancy announcements are not the best April Fools’ jokes. Just don’t.

This student pranked her professor for his policy of making students answer their phones on speaker:

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