Wednesday Wrap Up March 25

Web links for birthdayYep, it’s that time of year again, my birthday is this week. My own baby picture graces the Wednesday Wrap Up because that’s my own little way of celebrating my birthday. 44 this year, can’t believe it!

It’s also World Doula Week this week! If you want to share in the comments why you loved having a doula, why you love being a doula, or why the world needs more doulas, I’d love to read your thoughts!

All too often people forget that dad is experiencing birth in his own right, and not just there for mom. Here are four reasons why dads are more than just a labor coach.

Nice article on the benefits of skin-to-skin. One thing I really appreciated in this article is that she addresses the “What if I missed out?” It’s never to late to connect with your child, though as a mom of teens, I would not use skin-to-skin at this point.

At the same time that Canadian Pediatricians are trying to end the practice of applying eye ointment to newborn eyes, citing evidence that it does not work, a hospital system is calling in security to ensure that parents don’t refuse. If you want to see what the studies say for yourself, there is a good summary here.

Today’s video is long, but so useful! I love Gene Declercq – his “Birth by the Numbers” series is so insightful and just fills my geeky love of numbers. This video is all about cesareans. He busts some myths about the reasons for the high cesarean rate and addresses why the issue is far more cultural than it is medical. Totally worth watching!

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